Rosie Phillips

Rosie Phillips Portrait artist of the year series

Rosie is a largely self taught painter. Having always been drawing and creating, she began practicing art professionally after the completion of her A-Levels in 2019, taking on commissioned work and exhibiting locally.
Phillips’ figurative work is an examination of body language and inward states.

In her paintings she aims to ‘interrupt’ fleeting moments, observing the ways in which the figure naturally contorts and establishes itself in response to its environment. From her Norwich studio, Rosie has been engaging with a love of realism and traditional methods, finding ways to take an oversaturated genre of art and introduce something new; toying with texture, composition and colour, leaning into the creative potential of experiments and chance marks, finding ways to isolate specific details and work them further. Attention to detail is really important to the artist and an integral part of her practice; She strives to convey a sense of narrative and personal flair, wishing to encourage people from all walks of life to see the magic in life’s ‘in-between’ moments.