Alex Westmore

Alex-Westmore Portrait artist of the year series 2022

Having originally studied Theatre Design (BA) at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and later an MA in Arts Education, Alex has gradually built her artistic practice through the exploration of an array of creative processes. Working as a Head of Art in a Secondary School combined with her ongoing study has instilled a love of learning and exploration alongside students and in her studio. 

She approaches most of her projects from a design perspective, conducting research before utilising digital media to create possible compositions from her own photographs. This process allows her to play with lighting, scale and the application of potentially jarring colour palettes. These methods are then deliberately juxtaposed with traditional oil painting techniques. 

Her aim is often to create an image that is disconcerting and, at times, surreal. Current paintings exude a sense of stillness and tight unnerving control, both in their execution and resultant aesthetics. She has long been interested in the symbolic capacity of objects and previously the use of certain materials as metaphors, the most prominent being thread; emblematic of tension, a motif that continues to permeate much of her work.