Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers

Are the artworks offered for sale the same as I’ve seen on the TV shows?

Some of them may be, but we are also featuring other works by the same artists. Every artwork featured on our site has been made by an artist who was chosen to appear on either Landscape Artist of the Year or Portrait Artist of the Year.

Why are some artists I have seen on the shows not featured on the site?

Artist of the Year: Gallery is an optional opportunity presented to all artists who appear on our shows which many choose not to take up for a variety of reasons, such as existing exclusivity agreements. If there’s an artist not currently featured on the site that you’d be particularly keen to see work from, feel free to contact us so that we can pass this on to the artist.

Once I’ve paid the money, when do I receive my purchased artwork?

Your chosen artist will be responsible for safe delivery of your purchase to your designated address within ten days of your purchase.

What happens if I change my mind once I’ve received the artwork?

You have seven days from delivery of the artwork to let us know that you don’t wish to keep it. In that case, it is your responsibility to return it safely to the artist, at your own cost. Once the artist confirms safe receipt of the undamaged work, the original purchase price will be refunded in full.

What if the artwork is delivered to me damaged?

Please take some photos of the damage, let us know, and we will call you to discuss a solution which is acceptable to all parties.

What if I’d like to commission a new artwork?

Let us know and we will be delighted to arrange a new commission by your selected artist. Full details are included in our Terms and Conditions.

Why am I buying an artwork from a television producer and not a gallery?

You won’t be buying the art from Storyvault Films – you’ll be buying it from the artist. We are simply assisting the artists who appeared in our series with selling their work.

I’m based outside the UK – can I still purchase an artwork?

Unfortunately we are not yet able to fulfil orders outside the United Kingdom.

How can I appear as an artist on Portrait or Landscape Artist of the Year?

For more information about how to apply to our shows, click here.