Amelia Webster

Amelia-Webster Portrait artist of the year series 2019

Amelia graduated from BA (HONS) Painting, Drawing and Printmaking from Plymouth College of art in 2017. During this time, Amelia developed her passion in portraiture and has been practising this subject ever since. From a young age she was inspired by Renaissance art, the technical side of the paintings but also the stories they portray. Amelia works predominantly in oils, and has a passion for charcoal and pencil studies. Amelia works from life whenever she can and enjoys the challenges this brings.

Amelia’s paintings are mostly concerned with the ‘everyday’ person, from those in her local community to those close to her, including friends and family, finding inspiration in listening to their stories. That interaction with her sitter is vital to Amelia’s work, as she believes this feeds into the painting and gives the work authenticity.

Amelia has recently started a new body of work exploring the figure in space, juxtaposing the two to create movement and energy. 

Amelia works in her studio in Chudleigh, Devon, where she also runs portrait classes for her local community.  

Amelia's Artworks

This artist isn’t selling any artworks currently, but you may be able to commission them instead.