Anastasia Russa

Anastasia-Russa Portrait artist of the year series 2022

Anastasia Russa was born in the USSR and studied monumental painting in Moscow. She lives and works in North London and is part of the Turps Banana community of painters.

She reflects on today’s problems by resorting to the archetypal narratives of antiquity enshrined in Greek mythology and Hebrew Scripture, which inspire her visual storytelling. Anastasia favors oil as the main medium for her large-scale compositions and small portrait paintings.

Anastasia conjures the vision itself. Ideas arise whilst traveling or dreaming, sometimes as a result of apophenia. She rarely works from a fixed point, preferring to grow into the image as it appears before her.

Russa won the Portobello Wall art commission in 2018 and for a whole year a London street was enriched with a 123m2 unconventional canvas depicting North Kensington history and portraits of local heroes. She was a finalist of the Ingram Prize in 2019.