Anne Byrne

Anne Byrne Landscape artist of the year series 2023

Anne went to art school in the late 70s, and her first job in a graphics studio led her into a varied career in marketing and communications. 

Now a practising artist, Anne is interested in the notion of capturing something that involves a personal response to what she sees before her whilst acknowledging the impact of space, place and the passage of time.  

Her aim is to capture an essence of both the ‘timeless’; acknowledging the influence of the permanence of landscape and the ‘time-limited; ‘limited’ in a sense of constantly changing elements such as light, shadows and natural form.

In the landscape, she will gather information noting key influences such as weather, time of day, season and sounds whilst capturing natural elements such as textures, patterns, shapes, light and directions of shadow. 

Anne will go on to consider composition, tonal value, and perspective to ultimately inform finished works using a variety of media to capture those visual prompts.

Anne will complete works in her studio using this gathered information together with her response to a sense of place weathered by personal experience of place and moment.