Bob Higgins

Bob-Higgins Landscape artist of the year series 2021 and 2023

Drawing and painting have always been part of Bob’s life: from early childhood when he was mad on drawing horses to now when he spends a lot of time out painting ‘pleinair’ or in his studio.

After college, Bob’s career spanned from technical drawing and illustration through to brand design and finally retail design. 

Now retired, he spends more time doing what he loves – painting.

It’s the love of the outdoors that excites him; the contrast of light and shade, or an interesting and unusual composition, with the challenge of trying to capture the mood and atmosphere of the subject.

He works in oils because of the richness of colour and texture, either painted thinly or impasto with brush or palette knife. He always take his paints with him when travelling abroad and finds it fascinating how the colours and light can change from country to country.