Chris Stevens

Chris Stevens Landscape artist of the year series 2018

Chris studied Fine Art at the University of Reading. He has exhibited regularly since graduating in 1978. His studio is in the South of France where he spends the majority of his time. 

He always uses figures in his paintings and uses them to challenge the preconceptions we have about people due to media stereotyping. The paintings are concerned with identity, class, race, and gender within their particular environment. This narrative is an essential element in his work. He is not concerned with traditional portraiture as the people he paints are like actors on a stage. This is the element of the painting that transforms the subjects from anonymous stereotypes to people with an individual identity. He has work in public and private collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum, The National Gallery of Wales, Unilever, Galerija Portreta, and that of Bosnia & Hertzegovena

He has had many solo and group exhibitions and undertaken Arts Council residencies at Sunderland Football Club and Birmingham International Airport. He has also been a prizewinner in the BP Portrait Award, 50 over 50 and also the Painted Faces exhibition organised by the Saatchi Gallery.

Chris's Artworks