Ciaran Meister

Ciarán Meister is a multidisciplinary artist, musician and filmmaker living and working in Wicklow, Ireland.
His practice is concerned with mark-making and explorations of time and memory. These explorations employ painting, sculpture, photography, video and animation. Over the past 6 years he has expressed these explorations through abstraction, post vandalism and portraiture. More recently he has started to paint landscapes in Ireland and abroad.
He has created a workflow to capture images to use as source material. This involves documenting moments in day to day life and later compiling them in ‘zine format or manipulating them digitally in photoshop to create reference images, new artworks and animations.
He produces music under the alias of Mangetout and runs 2 small Irish record labels called Mines Clarence and Evenings and Weekends. He hosts a monthly show on Dublin Digital Radio.
He has exhibited, screened and performed in galleries, theatres and venues all across Ireland.