Elliot Roworth

Elliot R 2 Landscape artist of the year series

Elliot has grown as an artist to experience the world through relationships of light. He feels that a space is transformed and redefined by the quality of light in a given moment. This means that with the changing elements and behaviour of light, a familiar scene becomes a new experience, like a new place.

From his Brighton studio, Elliot seeks these atmospheric displays between the buzz of the city and the calmness of the beach. He has long been inspired by architectural subjects, looking to explore the relationship between static man-made forms and the unpredictability of people and nature. Being next to the sea is crucial for his work; his fascination with seascape painting drives his practise of capturing fast changing light. The South facing coastline enjoys the sweep of the sun all day creating a vast array of light effects and reflections. This urgency when working on site has shaped Elliot’s painting style into one of immediacy and directness.