Emily Tull

Emily Tull Portrait artist of the year series

Emily has exhibited internationally, regularly in London, also across the UK in group and solo shows. Winning a Kent Creative Award for Visual Art (2017) she has also been a finalist in the Winter Pride Art Awards (2015), selected for the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, Mall Galleries, Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize in addition to her appearance on Portrait Artist of the Year 2014.
Emily is a thread painter, instead of using paint she hand stitches her subjects, giving more control over the tones and the details – she likens the technique to drawing with colouring pencils. Emily’s portraits are fragmented, inspired by relics and torn wallpaper, giving a broken up view of the sitter yet recognisable at the same time. With a sense of history – of a ripped away memory left behind alongside a contemporary take on a traditional technique. The creating process has a nod to the make do and mend, as if with every stitch the self is being repaired (of the model and artist).

Emily's Artworks

This artist isn’t selling any artworks currently, but you may be able to commission them instead.