Eve Pettitt

Eve Pettitt Portrait artist of the year series

Eve studied at The Royal Drawing School and The Heatherley School of Fine Art. She is an award-winning artist and an elected member of the Chelsea Art Society. She searches to crystallise on canvas the unselfconscious present state of being of the sitter and the aliveness of the natural world around her; a sense of mortality clashes with vivid embodiment. Her work is delivered with potent emotion and is often autobiographical, reflecting her state of mind.

Unceasingly concerned with colours and their relationships, Eve explores what happens when two colours meet, how they dance side by side and what occurs at the borderline. Colour is both the subject and the form in her paintings. Understanding colour is fundamental to her creative process, each hue sings and resonates with its neighbour, creating a rhythm within the composition. Drawing inspiration from the shallow planes of modernism, Eve builds form through geometric shapes, clear facets and defined edges. This ravenous enquiry results in paintings that are exuberant and deeply expressive.