Faisal Brimah

Faisal Brimah Portrait artist of the year series

Faisal took some art classes at the Sfumato art studios. Practicing with mainly oil paints for the past few years, he expresses what he is feeling through his work. He enjoys using bright colours and contrasting between light and dark tones. Bright colour combinations with an abstract contemporary feel. Currently he has been concentrating on wildlife, trying to paint animals with a contemporary style.

Faisal believes his degree in design, multimedia and technology from Brunel University provides a different aspect to his art.

The vision that Faisal has before starting any new canvas is to paint how he draws to get the same expression and freedom in the lines of his drawings into the paintings.

Faisal took part in Portrait Artist of the Year 2019, however his soul has always been attracted to wildlife, which he feels pulled to paint whenever he gets the chance.