Fatima Pantoja

Fatima-Pantoja Landscape & Portrait artist of the year series

Originally from Spain, Fatima is a multidisciplinary artist and tutor based in Hampshire. She finished her Fine Arts masters degree in Valencia, Spain, where she specialised in portraiture and landscape.

Her work is inspired usually by nature and people, always working on pure observation, capturing the essence of whatever is in front of her rather than just a plain likeness. Her practice and inspiration covers a wide range of subjects and techniques, not just in 2D but also 3D.

Her use of colours and bold marks are part of her signature. Fatima’s work is collected nationally and internationally.

She appeared on Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 and Portrait Artist of the Year 2019, where she reached the semifinals. 

Fatima's Artworks

This artist isn’t selling any artworks currently, but you may be able to commission them instead.