Holly Brodie

Holly Brodie Landscape artist of the year series

Holly was brought up in rural Somerset and studied English at Oxford University, where she was encouraged to explore connections between literature and art, which continue to influence her practice. As an artist, she is self-taught. 

Working in oil and taking full advantage of its slow-drying properties, Holly makes it up as she goes along. The results can be unexpected, even surreal. Animals feature frequently and people occasionally. Narratives are suggested, but open to ongoing interpretation.

Holly’s work has been exhibited at the Mall Galleries, the Royal Academy, Somerset House and the Royal West of England Academy. She won The Winsor & Newton Painting Award at the Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition 2014 and demonstrated at Art in Action in 2015 in addition to appearing on Landscape Artist of the Year in 2016. Holly was an invited artist for the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in 2022.

Holly's Artworks

This artist isn’t selling any artworks currently, but you may be able to commission them instead.