Hugh Dunford Wood

Hugh Dunford Landscape artist of the year series

Hugh has lived in Dorset for many years and paints the landscape and the sea nearby with an awareness of the climactic pressures which imperil this natural world and our own lives. Hugh spends days out in the field, the woods and the holloways finding ways to share the experience of being there and the intimate character of place through paint and colour. He completes every painting in a day in a race against hunger, exhaustion and the dying of the light.

Hugh was trained at Oxford’s Ruskin School of Art and has spent his life as an artist-designer. He has been artist in residence with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare’s Globe, and the Museum of Bermuda Art for the island’s 400th anniversary of their first settlement in 1609. His work is in the collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Council. In 2022, he received an medal from The Prince of Wales for his print work.

He has exhibited work throughout Britain and Europe as well as Japan, Iceland, the USA, Brazil and Bermuda. Recent shows include the RA Summer Show, The Munich Handswerkkammer Exhibition and the Other Art Show, London.

Hugh's Artworks

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