Jack Dickson


Jack lives and works in Dorset. Having roots and family across the world but particularly in the UK and Zambia has led to him drawing upon a range of cultural and aesthetic influences. He describes his ethnic identity as fluid and his investigation of visual language and media reflects this state of liminality.

He uses a variety of media in his work including digitally manipulated images, photography, printed textiles, painting and drawing. At the heart of his practice is drawing and painting. He responds to the world around him, especially people and telling their stories has become his focus over the past few years. Pattern, textiles and other imagery in his portraits all make reference to the sitters’ history and identity. For Jack, the process of making a portrait is a conversation between the sitter and the artist, and the final portrait is a record of this exchange of ideas and stories.

Jack works regularly to commission and has received commissions from some notable sitters. He participated in Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year in 2020 and also on the BBC production Make it At Market in 2023.

Jack's Artworks