Jackie Edwards

Jackie Edwards Portrait artist of the year series

Born in London to Irish parents, Jackie is now based in Ireland. She has been painting since childhood, working on commissioned portraits since the age of 15. Attended Dun Laoghaire School of Art and Design, Dublin. She has exhibited both group and solo extensively since 1989, and is known to be one of Ireland’s leading figurative artists.

Her work has been shown in Ireland, Amsterdam, Brussels and Berlin, as well as the UK and USA, and is collected worldwide, including the Irish State Collection (OPW). 

She is a triple Royal Ulster Academy Award winner and exhibits her work there in the Annual Exhibition almost every year. 

She most recently exhibited works in the USA at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Wausau, Wisconsin (2018) and one of her most iconic works is being sent to the moon as a cover image on the Chicago-based 33 Contemporary Gallery’s ‘Reinterpreting Masterworks Catalogue for the Luner Codex Project.

She was a shortlisted artist on Portrait Artist of the Year 2018.

Jackie’s paintings are the study of character and dynamic found in the human figurative form – creating beautiful, ethereal portraits which use the interplay between light and shadow to create dramatic pieces.