James Strachan

James Strachan Portrait artist of the year series

After leaving Glasgow School of Art, James worked as a figurative painter selling in a multitude of galleries including the Old Basement galleries in London. He has exhibited internationally as well as nationally.

James’ work deals with the changing landscape and people of his birthplace. “Blending images of people and places past with our modern society in the hope that humanity and compassion will be our future” is the underlying message in his work.

James works in the old techniques of sfumato and chiaroscuro before abstracting them by using thin paint glazes with thick impasto brush strokes to acheive his style. This technique lets James set an atmosphere for his painting which correlates to whatever the mood is to be.

James is also a prolific mural artist undertaking a wide variety of commissions in Scotland.

James’ great love is being a Director of Scottish arts charity RIG Arts, which lets him work with various communities teaching the importance of creativity in our society and how art can be produced with anything.