Jen Gash

Jen-Gash Landscape artist of the year series

Jen’s relationship with painting spans for over thirty years from painting large oil works whilst at school and now exhibiting widely, with her work held in private collections worldwide. She says that “like all relationships, painting for her started with a chance encounter followed by falling deeply in love and the following years being tumultuous!” She has a love of paint and an underlying need to create and explore visually.

Themes and ideas of particular fascination include: how landscapes act as psychological territory; the fragility and oddities of human beings; humans beings as human doings; engagement and disengagement in activities; abandoned play and leisure environments. She enjoys exploring and creating landscapes, based on real and imagined places. She loves the way that paint behaves and can create new possibilities through its own properties. Recently she has enjoyed working back into old landscapes and paintings, and with new discoveries through the destruction of the old image – “creation and destruction go hand in hand”. She works in oils and acrylics embracing both large work and small.