Jill Iliffe

Jill Iliffe Portrait artist of the year series

Aiming for a conversation in her work between viewer and artist, Jill’s work – although skilful and often highly detailed – does not show everything in order to allow the viewer to create the rest of the story in their mind’s eye.

The simple backgrounds, cropping and blank areas focus the eye on the main subject. Every part of the work is carefully considered to allow the viewer to read the clues and add their own interpretation from their own history. Jill’s subject matter is wide, from portraits to still life, she works in a traditional manner often in series quietly and slowly working through her fascinations.

Jill studied at the University of the Arts London, achieving an MA in Drawing in 2009, having been awarded a national drawing award to fund her MA. Since then she has exhibited widely in museums, public gallery spaces and with commercial galleries.