Joe Mayhook

Joe has dedicated five decades to capturing the evolving essence of life and our environment. Using vibrant colours and textured shapes, his work serves as a tribute to the changes witnessed and the passage of time.
Joe’s focus is on expressing the interplay between moments and reflecting on the universal impact of mortality. The nostalgia within his art resonates with memories past. Delving into the existential, he contemplates the abrupt cessation of it all and aim to evoke anticipation of change.
Having grown up amidst the dynamic artistic scene of 1970s London, he draws inspiration from diverse influences such as John Piper, Maurice Utrillo, and John Burningham. His mindful paintings encapsulate the grandiose beauty of derelict Victorian warehouses, markets, and the riverfront, embodying Joe’s profound love for the place he has called home since childhood.
Now with a family of his own, joe paints not only for personal fulfilment but also to leave a visual record of Bankside’s unique energy for a wider audience and, importantly, for his children.
But as Joe says “My art serves as a bridge connecting the past, present, and future”.