John Ball

John-Ball Landscape artist of the year series

John’s work has been described as “Incredibly cinematic, foreboding vacant landscapes” comparable to the work of Edward hopper and David lynch. (Kate Bryan, Head of Collections for Soho House)

“John Ball’s work was a like a breath of fresh air on Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year in 2017 with its unique sense of mood and use of colour. The melancholic scenes that he constructs are poetic in themselves and full of story, to the point that they demand your attention and hold it very firmly indeed.” (Kathleen Soriano, curator)

John was commissioned by Teeth of the Sea (Rocket Recordings) to produce their debut album cover in 2009 and subsequently ‘Your Mercury’ (2010) and ‘Master’ (2013).

John has previously exhibited in The National Portrait Gallery with the BP Portrait Awards in 2007 with his painting ‘Commuter’, which was also published in the ‘500 Portraits’ hardback in 2011.

In 2018, His first solo show ‘beware the void’ debuted in Escondido, California, and has subsequently exhibited at the Wells Art Contemporary, the ING Discerning Eye and has work in the Nanxi Academy permanent collection.