Jon Rogers

Jon Rodgers Landscape artist of the year series

Jon started illustrating over thirty years ago and has worked for almost all the leading Advertising & Creative Design Agencies, worldwide, designed album covers for The Who and Rolling Stones, to name just two, worked on movies such as The Return of the Pink Panther and Omen III: The Final Conflict, and produced oil paintings for Meerkat and Milk Tray TV commercials, amongst many others.
In tune with his commercial images his painting is varied both in treatment, subject and medium, alway trying to capture atmosphere, moods and lighting.
His paintings have been exhibited at The Mall Gallery, The Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition, The Royal Society of Marine Artists, The Royal Maritime Museum, The Royal Naval College and commissioned by The National Trust (Scotland).
In the course of his career he has developed many different styles that have won him many awards…
3 Cannes Lions Advertising Awards; 2 Creative Circle Awards; 1 Clio Advertising Award – USA; 6 Design & Art Direction Awards (D&AD); 2 Campaign Magazine Poster Awards; 1 American Addy Award; 1 Seattle Show Award; 1 TAAN International Titan Awards; 4 Campaign Magazine Experience Awards

He is also Vice President of the Thames Maritime Art Club.