Kalpna Saksena

Kalpna Landscape artist of the year series

Kalpna is a London based artist. She likes to draw in the viewer to explore the whole painting – hoping for each viewer to get something different from each piece of work, seeing or feeling something in between what she has seen and where their imagination leads them.

Kalpna’s artwork ranges from representational to semi-abstract, often deconstructing to present multiple images. She mostly works in oils, occasionally using acrylics to build up the underpainting layers – sometimes also to create a tension between a matt and oil finish in the final image. She likes using this medium and process to create an appropriate response to the image, using layers to  a more ephemeral – nostalgic, haunting feel as in ‘Khan Market’ created by a reductive process.

Kalpna is part of Skylark Galleries and actively engages with various art societies and clubs in London, where she lives, and regularly exhibits in group and solo shows.