Kate Langley

Kate-Langley Landscape artist of the year series

Many of Kate’s pictures fuse landscape and portraiture – she often features people in street or garden scenes and she likes to capture fleeting moments or emotions. She won two prizes at the Artist Magazine’s open competition in 2019, resulting in a major exhibition in 2021. Kate’s preferred medium is oils, though she also enjoys acrylics and pastels. She is self taught and enjoys the challenge of learning more about artistic expression and techniques – indeed, she firmly believes that it is essential in order to improve one’s craft.

Over the many lockdowns of the past years, Kate threw herself into various Zoom classes and greatly enjoyed ‘meeting’ fellow artists online from all over the world. Like many people, Kate felt very grateful to be able to lose herself in art over this terrible time.

She lives near Stirling with a garage for a studio and a long suffering family and dog. Kate has recently started an art club in Stirling which focuses on art as a therapy and she is represented by two art galleries in Scotland, the Green Gallery in Buchlyvie (near Glasgow) and the Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh.

Kate's Artworks

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