Lanceford Brown

Lanceford Brown Portrait artist of the year series

Lanceford prefers acrylics and watercolours as these mediums provide an understated finish that rarely distracts from the composition. His love for art started at an early age within the pages of comic books.  During his mid-teens, Lanceford discovered and became inspired by the figurative expressionism of works by Bill Sienkiewicz, Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha, Dave McKean and Barry Windsor–Smith. These varied influences have allowed him to develop his unique style.

Lanceford’s most recent exhibition was a joint venture with London based photograher Xzibit One entitled ‘The Crossover’, a fusion of the artistic mediums of artwork and photography.

His work has been featured in the BP Portrait Award 2004 and in solo and group exhibitions for Amnesty International, The Nolia Gallery, The Brixton Ritzy, and BP.