Lee Kay-Barry

LEE KAY BARRY Portrait artist of the year series

Lee was born in London and studied a Fine Art degree at the University of Leeds. Whilst there he studied at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia on his year abroad. During this time, he took huge influence from the warm Mediterranean colours which have filtered into his style. He has since exhibited internationally and managed art residencies in London.

Lee’s paintings present an entangled relationship between performer and spectator, with many of his paintings focusing on an awareness of the subject being depicted. There is a theatrical element to his paintings which strive to capture a tender moment of physical connection through complex compositions and rich narratives.

His bold approach to colour and shape pays homage to the abstract expressionist movement and reinterprets this with a contemporary edge. Kay-Barry’s work aims to capture familiar moments in the ‘everyday’ that would often be left unnoticed. Mainly focusing on portraiture and figures, his style breathes fluidity as he is fascinated by movement, bodily interaction, touch, and departure.

For him abstraction is about taking something he sees and giving it new life and meaning. His work shares moments and memories which are relatable to all yet can be lost or forgotten in time.

Lee's Artworks

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