Lisa Henderson

Lisa Henderson Landscape artist of the year series

Lisa’s collages use acrylics to enrich and enliven a mixture of recycled and pre-prepared papers. Her studio is piled high with a ‘bank’ of potential material gathered over time and from numerous sources! The chosen pieces are then cut and torn inviting continuous experimentation and decision making to achieve the dynamics associated with Lisa’s work. An important part of all this is the vital balance between representation and abstraction.

By contrast, her drawings, often relatively topographical, can be dramatically dark, combining chalk, charcoal and pastels. She has also produced some small, experimental unique collagraphs. In all media, the overriding aim is to allow the work itself to take a dynamic part in its own creation.

Lisa is from Cardiff and now lives in Staffordshire. Both an artist and art historian, Lisa studied at Central Saint Martins, Nottingham University and, finally, the Courtauld Institute in London. She has been an arts administrator and a lecturer in contextual studies in both FE and HE. Over the years Lisa has enjoyed numerous solo and group exhibitions and has won prestigious prizes.