Londonna Evans

Londonna Evans Portrait artist of the year series

From not having picked up a paintbrush in over 20 years, to completing a diploma in Portraiture at Heatherley’s School of Art in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic and appearing on Portrait Artist of the Year series, Londonna’s journey towards becoming a successful commercial artist has been an unusual one.

This unique experience has led her to explore and develop her technical capabilities, but also her confidence and passion for art. Beyond a natural focus on facial features, Londonna has expanded her definition of portraiture to encompass the whole body – particularly embracing those textures created from clothing, fabrics and materials that then become integral within the composition.

She has now consolidated a painting style that majors on realism, where a linear truth and resemblance to the sitter is important to her, and deliver this predominantly through the use of oils and pastels.