Lucie Wake

Lucie Wake Portrait artist of the year series

Lucie’s space is a joyful explosion of brightly coloured portraits. She is known for her use of vibrant colours and confident brushstrokes. Lucie is a completely self taught artist. She learnt to paint after being housebound for three years. She has Multiple Sclerosis. Lucie is an upbeat chatty woman. She believes her attitude to life, it’s too short to be miserable, brings the best out in her sitters. She often paints her subjects smiling. Lucie works exclusively in oils on canvas. She utilises the buttery slide of oil paints when wet, to great effect.

Lucie’s artistic start in life, from the odd commission, has progressed to a full time career. The pinnacle of which was taking part in Portrait Artist of the Year 2022. She describes the experience as the best time of her artistic life. She has since been privileged to paint The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, in her trademark confident optimistic style.

Lucie is also a teacher, she firmly believes that painting improves mental wellbeing.