Marcia Patterson

Marcia P Portrait artist of the year series

Marcia pursued a BA Hons in 3D Design at Middlesex Polytechnic and graduated in 1987. However, she found difficulty in finding employment. With a recession looming, Marcia changed careers. For fifteen years, she worked in the field of community care, before starting a family and moving to Bedford. There, she had her second child who was born with severe learning difficulties and is non verbal.

Whilst caring for her children, she attended part-time classes in ceramics and life drawing. This culminated in her attendance of a short course in figurative painting at Central Saint Martins. Whilst on the course, her curiosity was encouraged and her passion for figurative oil painting was sparked.

Marcia’s inspiration is borne (via self portraits) from her personal history, expressing the emotions that stem from it. She has a fascination with using dramatic angles in her compositions as well as capturing facial expressions and physical gestures that tells a story without words. Marcia currently runs two weekly life-drawing classes at Bedford Arts and Crafts Centre.

Marcia's Artworks

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