Martina Krupickova


Martina is a Czech artist who uses only a palette knife, not brushes, to create her contemporary oil on black canvas paintings. 

Martina writes “I like the versatility of the knife – it can both sharpen focus and smooth to abstract. I want the viewer to find new parts to the painting as they adjust their viewpoint, almost like turning the pages of a book. The story starts with only a small amount of background detail, enticing the viewer to delve deeper. And finally, the atmosphere draws you in.”

Martina appeared on Landscape Artist of the Year Season 4 Episode 6 where artists were invited to paint Inveraray Castle on the shores of Loch Fyne in Scotland.

Martina’s work has been selected and exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in London.

Martina now works mostly from her studio in Prague, but also at her second home – a picturesque village by the sea in North-East England.

Martina's Artworks

This artist isn’t selling any artworks currently, but you may be able to commission them instead.