Michael Clarke


Michael, a prodigious talent, has been honing his artistic skills since the tender age of three. With an intrinsic passion for painting, he has embarked on a journey of self-expression. His style is an amalgamation of influences, serves as a testament to his dedication.

Drawing inspiration primarily from religious art, Michael captures ethereal beauty in his brushstrokes, infusing his art with a divine essence. The profound allure of the Renaissance period also shapes his artistic vision, as he employs classical techniques and concepts in his compositions. Fascinated by the bold and emotive brushwork of neo-expressionism, Michael incorporates raw human emotions into his works, bestowing them with a captivating depth. Moreover, his exploration of tribal art imbibes his creations with a vibrant energy, evoking his rich cultural heritage.

Michael’s unique blend of religious, Renaissance, neo-expressionist, and tribal influences manifests in a style that captivates both the eye and the soul, leaving spectators breathless with awe and wonder.

Michael's Artworks