Michael Kirby

Michael Kirby Landscape artist of the year series

Originally from Liverpool, Michael and studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Wigan School of Art and Design, but after two years decided to take the plunge and move to London.  The result was a career in the Design and Advertising industries spanning twenty-five years. During which he worked for most of the major advertising agencies in the capital.

Since moving back to Liverpool in 2002, Michael has concentrated on developing a career in painting. His central interests are Portraiture and Landscape, urban or country, and the depiction of the human figure. He is strongly influenced by the works of such artists as John Singer Sargent and Lucien Freud.

Michael is a veteran of group exhibitions in Liverpool and London, taking part in over eighteen since 1999. Among several commendations received he’s particularly pleased with his 2nd Prize in The West Lancashire’s Open Competition, for his ‘Aspects of Liverpool’ watercolours, and his 3rd Prize in 2017’s competition with an untitled work. He also has took part in The Daily Mail’s Not The Turner Prize competition in 2003.

Michael has also been involved in teaching watercolours for Netherton Arts Development in Sefton and at Kirkby Gallery.

At the moment Michael is working on an ongoing series of works involving the decay of inner city architecture, some paintings of which appear on this page.