Michael Moore

Michael Moore Landscape artist of the year series

Michael paints urban and city environments, specifically the ever-changing reflections and distortions in glass and metal. He explores the old reflected in the new, both literally and metaphorically. The paintings are equally realist landscape and abstraction. The paintings are detailed and ‘realist’, but the subject matter can make them look abstract until your eye ‘tunes in’. Especially intriguing for Michael are the opportunities to contrast concrete objects and more ephemeral visual effects; combining what he sees in the glass with what is around, through and behind it.

He says, “I make these images because I love the metaphor of reflections being like our thoughts; sometimes distorted and confusing, but always intriguing and fascinating; made of multiple perspectives to form a personal orderliness, They call into question what is real or accurate in our perception and what is imagined or simply made-up.”

As reflections change so frequently from the slightest movement of the viewer, these cityscapes offer an endless series of paintings for Michael, just as our ideas and beliefs are modified and altered as we ‘reflect’ on things.

Michael's Artworks

This artist isn’t selling any artworks currently, but you may be able to commission them instead.