Nour Huda

Born in Beirut in 1995, Nour is a Lebanese painter and digital illustrator who has been drawing and painting since her childhood days, long before receiving any formal training.
Growing up in a country known for its internal conflicts, religious divide, and wars, Nour turned to art as a form of reflection and self-expression. Her painterly works are described as: figurative within the realm of contemporary realism with darker undertones. They are often a literal or metaphorical form of self-portrait filtering through the artist’s “psychological vision”.
In terms of executing her art, Nour finds that every piece demands its own techniques and mediums. Those range from oils and acrylics, to mixed media, charcoals, sculpting media, and digital painting.
In 2015, she earned her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, and later her Master’s in the same field in 2017 at the Lebanese University. And with numerous publication features, exhibitions, and art fairs, Nour is humbled to have found fans and collectors all over the world.

Nour's Artworks

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