Phil Reynolds


Phil lives and works in York, where he runs a successful studio where he teaches private classes.

He studied Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University and since then has pursued his career as an artist. He has been exhibiting his work in contemporary galleries throughout the North of England, as well as the London and Bristol affordable art fairs.

His work explores the ground between abstraction and figuration, where forms emerge from a fluid use of acrylic paint. His work is both instinctive and keenly observed, bringing together raw marks with mediated responses.

His paintings are formed through visual, physical and emotional encounters with landscape – a response to the awe experienced within a vast outdoor space. The painting process is fuelled by a drive to celebrate this engagement. His aim is to go somewhere and represent something that a still or video camera cannot, and open that place up to more human sensations. “Painting outdoors enriches that connection and helps maintain an energy required to do it justice. You become part of that landscape and not simply a tourist within it.” He is happiest when drawing or painting on-site, though the studio allows him to pursue more contemplative work.