Pippa Thew

Pippa Thew Portrait artist of the year series

Pippa lives in the beautiful port and fishing town of Teignmouth in South Devon, so is never short of inspiration – especially for her atmospheric oil paintings of local scenes and people. She has her studio on the back beach in a boat store she shares with ‘Alice’ the fishing boat, as well as all the people who stop by for a chat, or to ask for painting tips and discuss the work they see on display. She is fascinated by people, shape and form and most of her paintings will have people in. Portraits are a favoured subject as she loves to get to know her sitter through the many sittings and bring not only their likeness to her paper or canvas, but their personality as well as her own through her process of working. Her water colours tend to be stripped back of colour and edgy in their execution, whereas her oils are full of colour and bold brush strokes. In her earlier years she was published by an international publisher and then went on to be the artist-in-residence on an estate on Exmoor