Quango Leung

Quango Leung Landscape artist of the year series

In 2013, Quango had a traumatic experience. His sister’s suicide put him in a great depression. His artistic skills were the only thing that helped. He uses art as a form of therapy because art gives him great pleasure and comfort. While it gave him a kind of release and tranquillity, the output often was dark and haunted. He would describe his style as closest to Abstract Expressionism, Tachism and L’art brut. His artworks are often spontaneous. When he begins drawing, oftentimes he starts with a blank canvas, scribbles, and lets it unfold. It can be triggered by any situation: random feelings, music, movies, or news. To him, art must provoke a variety of emotions, stimulate a discussion and make the audience reflect on something outside or within themselves. 

Quango's Artworks

This artist isn’t selling any artworks currently, but you may be able to commission them instead.