Rose Jones

Rose has drawn and painted for as long as she can remember.
Exploring colour, light, atmosphere, sometimes in the simplest of subject matter, Rose’s work often has decorative elements referring to her early career as a surface pattern designer.
With an interest in making detailed studies as well as using broader strokes, Rose works in acrylics, watercolours, oil pastels, graphite and most recently coloured pencils. An example of this is her submission piece ‘The Green’ which is a drawing of the garden gate at home.
A keen gardener, Rose’s love of the natural world is evident, as is her appreciation of the garden, both as natural habitat and art form.
Preferring to draw from life, photographic reference taken by the artist is also used when in the studio.
Having worked as a volunteer with Witness Support and Mediation Services before becoming an art tutor within Adult Community Learning, Rose is now able to spend more time exploring new ideas, creating artwork, and improving her practice. Alongside this she enjoys leading regular art sessions, sharing her enthusiasm for drawing, painting and artists in history.