Ruby Scott-Geddes

Ruby Scott-Geddes Portrait artist of the year series

Ruby is an illustrator, portrait artist, printmaker, event sketch artist, muralist, sign-painter, life drawing teacher and craftsperson working in Edinburgh and Bristol.

Largely self-taught through life drawing and work as a live event sketch artist, Ruby has a unique speciality in capturing the likeness of their sitters and the quality of a moment within a matter of minutes in charcoal. They are also practiced in highly detailed photo-realist portraiture in pencil and oil paint. Their practice as a portrait artist has developed out of two often distinct qualities: confidence and boldness in capturing dynamic personalities, paired with a long standing practice in highly sensitive and delicate observation.

In 2022, Ruby competed in Portrait Artist of the Year and received acclaim for their expressive ‘speed sketching’ techniques. They have been featured in the Scottish Portrait Awards in 2022 and 2020, receiving critical recognition for their fine pencil portraiture and a nomination for the SPA Youth Award.

Ruby’s illustration & printmaking practice is centred in the natural world, encouraging a connection to creativity and nature through their foraging prints and plant & fungi identification posters. They work as an illustrator and animator for environmental and social justice organisations.

Ruby's Artworks

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