Silviya Georgieva – Sellvida

Silviya-Georgieva Landscape artist of the year series

Silviya was trained and educated in Sofia, Bulgaria where she mastered textiles at the National Art Academy and graphic design at the New Bulgarian University – the country’s most prominent art and design universities. An artist himself, Silviya’s father nurtured her artistic side from an early age and raised her in a highly creative and inquisitive environment.

She is very conscious of the impact of living in a fast-paced technology world and feels that she is a contemporary representative of the new urban society, again, portraying this in her work. Her rich and expressive art collection comprises still-life paintings in watercolour, pastel and collage abstracts, as well as collages, portraits and beautiful urban stories. Sellvida’s trademark, however, remains the collage, dominating most of her recent exhibitions in popular galleries around London, where she has been living and painting for the last few years. She portrays the urban storylines in such an intriguing and exciting way that she always manages to touch even the most delicate audience. Her compositions are full of ease, colour and positive emotions, making the viewer sink in an abundance of materials, fine patterns and textures. Silviya Georgieva is a representative of the young generation of artists, who reflect today’s culture in their art, teaching us valuable lessons in beauty and sensuality with every piece they create.

Silviya's Artworks

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