Tim Wait

Tim Wait Landscape artist of the year series

Tim was self-taught but then completed a BA in Fine Art as a mature student at Oxford Brookes University following an art foundation year at North Oxfordshire School of Art.

Tim’s formative years were spent on a small tenant farm on the island of Sark which has led to a lifelong interest in the land. Man’s creations, their endurance and relationship with the forces of nature are a constant source of inspiration for Tim: “pristine is never as interesting as patina, whether it’s an old building, a tractor in a farmyard or a gatepost”. The forms and styles of urban architecture are also a strong influence; he seeks out hidden details and often-ignored views, always steering clear of the stock images. Environmental issues are of increasing concern for Tim and his future work will focus on exploring the impact of climate change.

Tim has recently illustrated a memoir written by his late father recalling life on a small-mixed farm in Surrey in 1950.