Tom Mead

Tom Mead Portrait artist of the year series

The fractured and overlapping nature of Tom’s paintings conveys a sense of life and movement over time, and explores the relationship between traditional painting and technology using ‘glitches’.

Film has a huge influence on Tom, and to compensate for his confessed lack of camera knowledge he tries to be a director in his paintings. This means planning a scene, composing the shot and deciding what would happen over a length of time, with themes such as identity and existentialism permeating throughout.

After completing his degree in Fine Art from Wimbledon College of Arts in 2019, Mead has found success in competitions and events such as Clyde&Co, ING Discerning Eye and the Art of London AR Gallery Trail.  He has also been a finalist in the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize and Portrait Artist of the Year. Notable sitters include Theo Faberge, Professor Green, Jazzie B, Laura Linney, Axel Ruger, Sarah Healey and Courtney Pine.