Tony Munns

Tony-Munns Landscape artist of the year series
Since childhood Tony has always enjoyed being at the British coast, with its unique, familiar and sometimes quirky sights, sounds and smells. As a result the main subjects for his paintings tend to be the sea, the seaside and other scenes with a nautical element.
Tony also likes to go beyond simply creating a pretty picture, and often introduces an element or a narrative that adds a little intrigue, or something unusual to the work.
Tony generally prefer to use acrylics on stretched canvas, and often adopts a dry brush technique to add a more ‘sketchy’ quality to certain areas or features (for example, clouds or spray). He also like working in charcoal and pencils.
The bulk of Tony’s career has been as a Graphic Designer, working with many big brands in agencies and in-house studios for the best part of 40 years. For the last eight years he has been self-employed, and this has created the opportunity to explore other creative opportunities – one of which being spending more of his time sketching and painting; something he’s always enjoyed since he was a boy.
He lives in Lincolnshire with his wife Rachel and is Dad to five sons and the cutest dog in the world (in his opinion) Molly. Away from the easel he loves paddleboarding, Formula One and playing bass guitar in a number of local bands.