Troy Stuart

Troy-Stuart Landscape artist of the year series

Troy was born and raised in New Zealand before immigrating to London in 2006. He now lives in Aberdeen, Scotland where he has lived since 2021. While at school he enjoyed graphic art & technical drawing, eventually moving on to study architecture and make a career of it, but the ink pens and ‘T’ squares were quickly replaced with computers, keyboards and mice so he found himself drawn to the freedom of making art again.   

During his time living in London he frequently visited the many exhibitions, traditional and contemporary art galleries and was exposed to street art, in particular the layering of new street art and graffiti over old and the clash between the use of different materials like spray paint, house paint, paste-ups and tags with marker pens and the overall affect this creates.

He is currently drawn to making multi layered abstract figurative and landscape art. Painting over or destroying previous layers of paint on canvas or panel and applying it with non-traditional tools, and gravitates towards a natural compulsion to organize marks into straight lines with the intention of eventually creating a composition, image or an affect that sets a mood, and is not rooted into any particular style or genre.  

He enjoys the quiet and solitude of his process and being present in the moment and free from the many distractions of modern life. To Troy painting is therapy and a journey to find some meaning and hopefully create something will affect himself emotionally as well as others.