Wesley Smith

Based in Brighton’s North Laines, Wesley finds inspiration in the red brick lanes and the many antique and vintage shops there are in Brighton.
Having spent ten years abroad living and working in Taiwan, an Asian influence can be seen in many of his paintings. Following this he also traveled to Australia and Italy, before returning to Brighton to see his home town, (now a city) in a new light.
Wesley says, “As an artist looking for Subjects, I am spoiled for choice in Brighton. I like to paint street scenes around the lanes because there are no cars parked to block the view, and I love the look of the red brick pavements! I also find wonderful objects to paint as still lives, in the many bric a brac shops that there are in Brighton.”
Wesley’s style is quite varied, from highly detailed to brisk and expressive. His landscapes range from long careful studies that are instantly recognisable, to a more loose and sketchy approach, but always with attention to the individual brush stroke. Wesley’s still lives usually have a more polished look due to always being painted in the studio.

Wesley's Artworks

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