Yana Kucheeva

From a young age, Yana has always wanted to be an artist. Forever inspired by the scenic world around her, she sought out a way to recreate and transform the beauty seen into something of her own.
She shapes her art primarily using oil paints, acrylic paints, and coloured pencils.
Her references consist mostly of natural landscapes, that she has either experienced from holidays or walks through the forest with her dog Sunny. These are the times the nature could be seen in its purest, truest form. Yana turns these images into paintings; using oil paints to build and add depth, from the breadth of the tree bark, to the veins in the leaves, and the froth of the ocean waves. She aims to capture the magical essence within nature by using lighting, and a choice of colour scheme that results in landscapes entangled with fairytale qualities. These qualities leave an impact that feels comforting, refreshing, and can serve as a reminder for the eternal beauty that exists around us.
Furthermore, Yana also paint idyllic flowers; still life, from transforming seemingly mundane things into art; plus pet portraits, that keep memories alive forever.