Zoë Wilkinson

Zoë Wilkinson Landscape artist of the year series

Zoë is an emerging artist of British and Guyanese origin. Since completing her philosophy degree in 2021 at the University of Exeter, Zoë has been based in Hertfordshire. Her art draws from two major sources of inspiration: landscape and philosophy. She is particularly inspired by feminist philosophy. Zoë works in a monochromatic green palette, rendered using only cadmium yellow, ultramarine blue and titanium white acrylic paint. She developed this style during her Fine Art A-Level. Zoë works in a variety of mediums including canvas and paper, and often uses acrylic paint. In 2021, Zoë had her first group exhibition in St Albans. Later that year, she began a residency at Berkhamsted school where she has been working for the past year. During this residency Zoë continually developed her practice, marrying her interest in feminist philosophy and landscape. She has also started to incorporate printmaking into her practice. Since starting this residency, Zoë has acquired representation by New Blood Art and had her second group exhibition in October 2022.